Sohini’s Unessay!

The guiding questions that lead to the creation of A Journey through Care: Healing Justice and Arts were 1. How do Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and API girls and TGNC youth experience care? And un-care? 2. How do they imagine care for themselves? 3. How can understanding and imagining care serve healing justice? There are undeniable harms done by schools and beyond in perpetuating toxic forms of care (and un-care) towards youth, families, and communities. Through a framework of healing justice, the lesson plans focus on how we respond to and interrupt harms of un-care on our mind, bodies, and hearts through meditating on our experiences and imaginations of care. The created lesson plans employ art as an embodied, healing practice for Black, Indigenous, Latinx and API girls and TGNC youth through a journey of realizing, living and imagining care.

Lesson Plan:

My own art in engagement with lesson plans: