Lindsay’s UnEssay

UnEssay: A Pre-Service Course Designed to Develop Embodied Anti-Racism in White Educators

You can read the full proposal, along with some suggested activities, a list of programs and teachers doing the work of collective healing, and my resources here.

Guiding Questions

  • How can we develop ways to better care for one another in schools?
  • How can we better equip white educators to cultivate radically caring and compassionate classrooms? 

Course Aim: The goal of the course will be to push students to consistently become aware of and question/interrupt the dominant narrative in their lives and classrooms. It will push them to consider their implicit biases more deeply and their role in enabling and propagating structural racism. It will provide them with tools to take into their lives and classrooms to continue the work of embodied anti-racism.

Course Design: The course is designed to facilitate the development of embodied antiracism in participants. Building on the model of somatic learning, each class will include an experiential component, one that seeks to explore the body, experience, and emotion more deeply. The second component will be conceptual in nature, incorporating the mind into the experience and vice versa. These activities will be integrated, encouraging and reinforcing embodied learning.

Thank you for reading! Feedback welcome 🙂