Week 4 Miguel

This weeks reading felt really smooth and on time. I was assigned Beauboeuf-Lafontant (2002) in another space and it was interesting to hear the dialogues. It was also interesting that the movie i decided to watch played on a number of themes highlighted in Wilson’s (2015) article. I am hoping to bring some of the thoughts I shared in other spaces to our class this week. Ideas such as

  1. Black feminism v WOMANISM (why might folks choose one phrase over the other)
  2. Hiring folks from the community to teach in the community
  3. Women in the Black Panther Party/Oak Community School
  4. Transformative Justice

I would also like to engaging in conversations on how might “mainstream, patriarchal notions of teaching” (p. 75) show up today at CUNY. As well as the possible connections to what Wilson (2015) described as African-American children enter schools having and to confront educators’ low expectations of their intelligence, academic potential and learning capabilities (p. 3).

Questions I would ask the class for this week

  1. How many teachers (from K-12) did you have that were Black Women?
  2. What subjects did they teach? Positions did they hold?

2 thoughts on “Week 4 Miguel

  1. Kushya Sugarman

    Hi Miguel,
    I am very interested in which movie you watched. It sounds like a wonderful movie. I was also thinking about my own experiences in educational spaces when I did the reading. I have only had four Black women teachers, one chemistry teacher in High School, and three English professors in college. One of those professors was half-black and half-white like myself. She truly changed my life and made me feel very differently about what I was capable of. I wonder what it would look like if more children had the opportunity to be truly cared for by their teachers.

  2. Miguel Rodriguez (He/Him/His) Post author

    Hey Kushya,

    Sorry I am getting back so late in the game (I stay needing to get my life together) I honestly watched a few movies (I spent some much needed me time) I started with Coach Carter. I often have the same wonder

    “I wonder what it would look like if more children had the opportunity to be truly cared for by their teachers”

    I am down to wonder in this with you! #WonderMakesChange

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